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NFC Design a Nin--DESC. UP by chuwei NFC Design a Nin--DESC. UP by chuwei
Name: Yamizuki Shuura
Age: 16
Rank: Chuunin (NFC rank is Jounin, but I want to keep this one Chuunin for now > _>;)
Village: Mist (Kiri)
Preferred Weapon: Katana

Notable Physical Traits:
- long straight black hair (past waist, nearly reaching knees if she lets it down. She hides various things, like glass shards, kunais, and shurikens, in her hair. They are tied to clear fishing string and then attached to the base of her ponytail.)
- Dull, pure black eyes (think byakugan, but black.) Hers don't have any special ability, though, other than freaking squeamish people out.
- Blankly staring expression; seemingly never blinking
- Very pale, milky-white skin


HISTORY: Found near the outskirts of Mist Village when she was 2 years old, has been brought up as a ninja in Mist Village ever since. An old, bloodied katana was also found with her, and she has kept it and used it as her weapon of choice ever since.

Being a quiet, "orphaned", and shy child, she was the perfect target for bullies until they learned that she was perfectly capable of defending herself and left her alone, much like everyone else.

Though she doesn't know it, she comes from a (near-extinct) line of healers (mother's side; trait only present in female offspring) and her blood and tears can cure many rare or uncommon sicknesses, poisons and disease. Because of this, every once so often she finds herself being attacked by strange people for no apparent reason. But as it happens only about once every 4 years, she just counts it as bad luck and doesn't think (too much) of it.

Though she doesn't show it, she hopes her parents are still alive and want to go out and find them someday.


Mist being a rather harsh village, she doesn't really show her emotions, and finds it hard to trust anyone. Is a stable person, more calm and practical than panicky and whimsical. She is also extremely polite to everyone, always speaking formally to friend and foe alike.

She doesn't have very obvious reactions and is most often found wearing a neutral expression on her face that seems to be a vacant stare because of her black, seemingly pupil-less eyes. Per se, if Kakashi danced naked in front of her, she probably won't even blink. (But NOT for the reason YOU'RE thinking, you perv! XD)

She has a soft spot for kids and thus dislikes her own village, who treats the Ninja children badly, and likewise despises anyone who is harsh to young children. If you are a sweet-natured kid, watch out because she will spoil you rotten. And give you cavities by making snowcones out of thin air.

She's inclined to silence and will not speak unless she is spoken to. She is a good listener and will always help where it's needed. Though not shy, she doesn't like garnering attention and prefers to observe things from a distance. Her smile is rare, but she is very patient and understanding and never gets mad.

Agreeable by nature, she never complains and gets along with any kind of teammate. Her (literally) cold exterior may make her seem standoffish and aloof, and it can be tough to get close to her, but she's really a sweet person who just wants the simple things in life.

Nature, medidating, children, cooking, baking, watercolor, taking walks



Taijutsu: She has a lot of chakra but relatively low stamina. As such, all her moves are calculated to conserve the most energy possible; none of her moves are excessive. Not one of those flowery fighters who try to look all pretty in a fight. XD

She uses a self-developed reactive-based fighting style. That is, she will not willingly go on the offensive, but will rather stay put in one place and let the opponent come to her, then attempt to counter or neautralize whatever attack they throw at her with a combined style of various martial arts that she picked up here and there and blindly mixed together. If an opponent is too strong, she'll just run. XD

This style of fighting suits her, as her speed, flexibility and years of experience allow her to correctly guess the opponent's method of attack and pick the best way to counter it. The amount of damage done isn't dependent on the fighter's physical strength and prowress, but rather on the opponent's attack.

Water - competent at nearly all water-element jutsus. Can drown your backyard and turn it into the 6th great lake.
Fire - she can manage a very pitiful spark, and that concludes her talent in the area of Fire-element jutsus. Can make a very small, very pitiful BBQ in your backyard.
Wind - knows a smattering amount of Wind-based jutsus. Enough to clean your backyard.
Earth - knows the odd jutsu here and there. Can make a small hole in your backyard.
Healing - knows a small handful of healing jutsus, enough to cure slight wounds completely of lessen the severity of serious wounds.
Original -
Korigawa (Ice River) no Jutsu: causes a deluge to wash over her enemies and instantly freeze into a river of ice. Area affected depends on her current chakra level. But if you want her to use it two times in a row, then you might as well kill her.
Ice Shield: molds her chakra into a thin, ice-like layer that surrounds her entire body like a second skin. This prevents her from being sunburned so easily. She can also intensify it during battle to provide better protection. However, to keep this jutsu active requires a constant amount of chakra, so she usually "tones it down" to the bare minimum.

Genjutsu: No amount of talent in this area whatsoever. If you use genjutsu against her, she'll probably try to fight you with her eyes closed.

She has a summoning contract with one legendary monster (Leviathan), but with her current chakra level, will either die if she tries to summon the major one, or get something like a shrimp as a result.
...And it doesn't even come with a slice of lemon.

Special Traits:
- Her chakra blends with water naturally and easily, so she can control water or liquids containing H20 to a limited degree.
Since her chakra constantly melds with the water vapor it the air, coupled with Ice Shield this makes her body temperature, and thus the immediate area surrounding her, several degrees lower.
(i.e. your own portable aircon.)
If your drink has become lukewarm, make her hold the cup for a few minutes, and it'll be cold again.
You don't want to be in the same pool as her, unless you enjoy taking ice-cold dips in water.
- Very low heat tolerance. She probably can't even take your normal cup of coffee. She has to wait for all her foods to chill down before she can eat it.
- Because of the above trait, she also cannot eat even remotely spicy foods. If she does, she'll turn red and choke. Badly.
- Her skin is very sensitive and under the noon sun, she will get sunburned within 5 minutes. Or worse, get sunpoisoned. Or worse, faint. In a hot environment, she will need to activate Ice Shield to function normally and thus it will sap away at her chakra and make her increasingly weak.
If she is suddenly transported into, say, a desert...she'll wilt.
- If she doesn't have Ice Shield active, she is extremely vulerable against Fire Jutsus. Even with the defensive jutsu active,
she will still be seriously harmed if she is not able to avoid it completely.
- Very low alcohol tolerance. One sip will make her dead drunk; one cup will give her alcohol poisoning. (So, please be kind and think twice before you decide to make your character force "a hearty drink or two" down poor Shuura's throat.)

**************************************** ****************

...That concludes it. Blargh. Edited XXXX times by now, I think this would be the final version. Hope you read through it all, hopefully it was interesting and not THAT long.

Just FYI, she is NOT based on me. I hate kids. Period. XD And liking kids is a big part of her character design. I am unstable and erratic. And I'm not sweet; I'm very sourly bitter. (Bitterly sour? I was voted most likely to be a green mango in our class fruit poll. My best friend was a banana. XD) What few things that I DO share with this character are some of her likes/interests, some of her special traits, appearance, and her taste in clothes. XD
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Phantom-Gaara Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2008
Awesome biography and brilliant picture! AGAIN!
Engirish Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
^_^ she looks awsome, great character design.
Sil3ntXspiRit Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2004
great character design.....great detailed info on her!
croaky Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2004   Digital Artist
"...And it doesn't even come with a slice of lemon."
That is very inconsiderate of it. Bad shrimp.

Wodnerful character info/description. :love:
obiewolf Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2004
wah chuchu the clothing folds look AWESOME O_O :love: the inking is superb too dang this is lovely ^^
snowgren Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2004
That is such a pretty ninja! Such a nice outfit. ^_^
Kakashi-fan Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2004
Cooooooooooooooool!! she looks VERY cute!! I like ur art :hug:
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This looks nice. I like the outfit. ^_^
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primitive. nice word choice :heart: huhuhuhuhuh. XD
skorchedutopia Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2004
Delicious line-art. ^^ Very clean, very purposeful. It's drawings like these that make my sloppiness ever so apparent. Character design herself is rather spiffy, methinks. She's a pretty li'l chica, ain't she? I love her hair style.

Great stuff, hun. Absolutely wonderful.

~The Notorious Miss Amanda
Ralein Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2004
Very pretty. I like her design, both in terms of complex clothing and that she looks like a sweet person. You've given her an interesting pose ^^.
croaky Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2004   Digital Artist
Ah! So glad to ehar you finally received the colouriation. I don't think (and sure hope) that won't stop you from colouring it yourself if you want to. It is a great picture and sweet line art (interesting ncie change from colouring my own messed-up cluttered works, har har), fore sure.
stoic1985 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2004   Traditional Artist
You know what hun? :+fav:

The lineart is amazing and clean, and the pose so dynamic! :heart:
ninja-ed Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2004
The lineart is nice and smooth, I like it a lot. Fishnets make me happy. XD
finni Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
OMFG DAMMIT SHE IS SO PRETTEH you make the pic I'm working on for you look like crap. Now I don't wanna do it cuz it'll look like crap. Wow all of my stuff looks like crap in comparison. ;_;
chuwei Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
WTFffuuu?? This stupid little piece of insanity friggin took a chunk out of my life TT^TT and there's no way I'd expect you to put THAT much work and dedication to a peice for me (and it's just lineart! T^T) so don't worry! And anyhow! If you sit down and REALLY do a serious peice of art, it's gonna make THIS look like crap! XD so you better finish it!! harharharhar XD
smartlaine Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2004
Ohhh, so nice, love the costume.
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